Friday, February 1, 2008

Bedknobs and Broomsticks at my door

I arrived home to find the 2 Bedknobs and Broomsticks snowglobes I had ordered have arrived. This is indeed a very nice snowglobe and I only have a few minor complaints. Complaint #1 there is no mustache on the man. The concept drawing has a mustache on the man just as there was in the film but the snowglobe wasn't painted with a mustache. The picture on DisneyShopping doesn't have a mustache either and neither does the actual item picture on the box so it appears they are all like that. Complaint #2 the snowglobe is not idividually numbered. The COA is numbered and the box is numbered but not the snowglobe itself. Complaint #3 this globe really could have used a blower. The bed railings are placed in holes in the globe by you and are loose. Kind of hard to shake the globe that way. Other then that I am very pleased with my purchase. I am a bit disgusted with myself, however. The box the snowglobes were shipped in was the original shipping box from Disney's manufacturer with no extra packing to protect the boxes. When I cut the tape on the box, I cut too deep and also marred the snowglobe boxes inside. On a regular plain box, who cares? But when the box is nice and it is what identifies the snowglobe as a limited edition, it would have been nice to have them in good condition. My only consolation is that the boxes were allready bent, crushed and marred at the corners during shipping, so the damage i caused didn't make a lot of difference.

WARNING: If you have purchased one of these globes, be very careful with the fishing pole. The pole has to be placed through a hole in the bear characters hands by you. Do not do this until you have installed the batteries and aren't going to examine the globe anymore. When I opened my first one, I promptly put the fishing pole in place and then proceeded to examine the globe. The pole got caught somehow or I brushed it with my hand or something and it snapped the bear hands off. It is a very thin piece and snaps off extremely easy if any pressure is placed on the pole. I superglued it back on and will keep that one for myself as the 2nd one I purchased is an investment to sell at some point in the future.
The illustration is from the snowglobe box and I assume it is one of the design drawings. It says on the box that the snowglobe is an exclusive limited edition and was released in 2007 to Disney Stores in five European countries: England, France, Spain, Italy and Portugal. It was designed in the summer of 2006 and was eight months in production from concept drawing to finished product.

The company that made the globe is Fumar International. I visited their website but it contains nothing about upcoming globes or any useful information to collectors. It is a simple company website designed to tell prospective customers what they can do for them. It would appear that this is the company that manufactures most of the Disney snowglobes and other 3 dimensional items like figural lamps and picture frames.


Velvet said...

I found 3 upcoming sw at the

Mary Poppins

Snow White

101 Dalmatians


Nero2007 said...

I also received my B & B sg and decided to watch the movie to compare. Have you noticed that the fish who holds the trophy was also changed from the drawing concept to the snowglobe? It even has some details from the original sketch. But unfortunately it was painted in the same color as the other fish and the glasses were eliminated. The hat was also changed. The drawing is just like the movie.
But I love the snowglobe anyway.
I agree about the blower: it would make a big difference!

zapjones said...

I too love this globe. It's a shame they didn't pay attention to detail especially since its a limited edition.