Sunday, February 17, 2008

What's Next?

Now that we finally have a snowglobe for the film Enchanted, it makes me wonder what will be the next. Prince Caspian? Wall-E? Bolt? There have been a couple of snowglobes for the first Narnia movie, so Prince Caspian may get one.


Nero2007 said...

I'm sure there will be another snowglobe based on the second Narnia movie, as there were snowglobes from each Pirates of the Caribbean sequel. They help promoting the movie. I haven't seen Meet the Robinsons movie, but I guess it wasn't very successful. Is there a big snowglobe on this movie? In my opinion, snowglobes have to do with the success of the movies and how audiences react to them.

zapjones said...

Meet the Robinsons was a very good movie that had a lot of wonderful characters that would make for great snowglobes but it was released the same year as the merchandising juggernaut Cars and it was real obvious that Merchandise didn't have a lot of faith in Robinsons. The only Meet the Robinsons globes, I've come across are two of the small squishable bubble globes from the Disney Store. There isn't much Robinsons merchandise period. Good points comparing Narnia to Pirates. I agree. I expect we'll see a new Toy Story globe in the parks soon with Toy Story Mania getting ready to open on both coasts.