Saturday, February 9, 2008

"We're all mad here"

Picture from The Disney Catalog.
Donald and his nephews are riding the Teacups ride at Disneyland.
Lights: Lanterns.
Movement: teacup spins.
Music: Donald Duck theme song.
Size: 8 ½”H.
Source: Disney Catalog.
ORP: 78.00 (2003)

This is the latest entry added to my book manuscript. Should it be listed under Donald Duck or Teacups?


Nero2007 said...

How about "Park rides" or "Park attractions"?

zapjones said...

hmmm possibly. The way I have it set up now was to list each attraction individually, but it might work better to have a section of attractions which is then broken down further by individual attractions. I have the Christmas section done that way with all the Christmas ones listed together but then listed alphabetical by film and character. Thanks for the idea.

Nero2007 said...

You're welcome.
This sounds a perfect way for searching! That's how I would do it.
I'm glad I helped anyway.
I want to buy your book when it's published with your autograph!