Thursday, February 28, 2008

World's Cheapest Disney Snowglobes

Found these at Walgreens also. At a $1.99 each, I think it's safe to say they are the world's cheapest Disney snowglobes. There is a fourth one of Lightning McQueen but I was unable to find one in the 25-30 on display that didn't have a huge air bubble. Most were almost half empty and many were completely empty. These three characters globes were in much better shape but many of them also had large bubbles and some of the figures inside were broken. After getting them home I discovered that they do have a small plug on the bottom so they can be refilled.

The tags call this design a Disney Roly Poly Plastic Waterball.

The figures inside are similar to the ones inside the snowglobe sipper cups and are purposely floating loose inside the globes. The glitter color is themed to the character.

Speaking of the sipper cups, Walgreens has them too. $3.99. Walt Disney World wants $7.99 for theirs. Disney Store wants $5.99 for theirs. I didn't see any new designs at Walgreens. I had seen those designs on ebay and thought they came from the Disney Store.

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