Sunday, June 8, 2008

Disney pics

No snowglobe stuff today but here's some pics I took the last few days...
That new shop at the Contemporary resort on the 4th floor finally got doors and a cool sign.

The Wall*E display at AMC theatres.The entrance to the new restaurant at the Contemporary which replaced the old arcade and the eating area. Inside is a LOT of brown paneling a bar that is huge and an eating area. I hope they make a lot of money with it. They need to in order to make up all the lost revenue from the arcade that used to make over a million a year and now does hardly anything at all.

Proof that we live in a concrete jungle. The ducks in the Magic Kingdom prefer sleeping on the pavement. There was about ten of them in Tomorrowland before the park opened and they were all sleeping on the pavement at about 7:30 am.

And if you think the ducks were odd, get a load of this guy who was hanging out next to the Carousel of Progress today at 11am. He's eating one of the cute little sparrows that you see flitting around the park. At first, I thought it was a turkey leg that some idiot tossed him but nope it was a sparrow. Dont worry kids its just the great circle of life.

Ok, that was kind of gross. Go here to visit your laughing place and see a video of the Star Wars Weekends motorcade.

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