Saturday, June 28, 2008

Star Wars Weekends

It's rare for me to visit the parks on a weekend. I'm usually working and actually I prefer it that way because the parks are too crowded on the weekends anyway. The only downside to that is i always miss Star Wars Weekends at the Disney-Hollywood Studios. But, as it happens, I've been on vacation this week and was able to go over for a few hours today to check it out. It's been several years since I've attended and my first impressioon is...Wow! It's a heck of a lot better then it used to be. Characters are everywhere! It's also a heck of a lot more crowded then it used to be. This was easily the busiest I have ever seen this park.
Warwick Davis was an excellent host for the star conversations which is now held in the new enclosed, air-conditioned theatre that was built where the Hunchback of Notre Dame stage show used to be. He mentioned this was his 2nd year of hosting the event and I hope they continue to use him. He did a great job. In fact, someone call sci-fi and tell them to give this guy a talk show. Considering his acting experience in the fantasy and sci-fi genres, it would be a perfect fit.

Also got a chance to check out the new Narnia attraction. Really short. But better done then the original, I thought. It's really just a walk through with a couple of short videos advertising the movie and a few cases of movie costumes and props. Since it's such a simple attraction, I can't imagine why they didn't have it open in time for when the movie came out. The guy playing Prince Caspian outside of the attraction really looks like the guy in the movie.

Toy Story Mania had at least a 80 minute wait all day and when I arrived at around 10:30 the fast passes that were being dispensed were for 7:30-8pm. The opposite side of the street has opened with a small newstand style shop, a western wagon serving snacks and a photo op with the characters. Way too busy to even try to get decent pictures of the new offerings.

Had a lot of fun, despite the crowds and heat. It's worth going just to see all the star wars characters running around.

There were no new snowglobes to report on.

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