Friday, June 27, 2008


Wall-E debuts today and according to the critics it is the best thing Pixar has ever done. Haven't seen it myself yet but I am surprised at the lack of merchandise available. I was expecting a lot of merchandise especially since there wasn't that much Narnia stuff available. I figured that Disney was putting its merchandise efforts behind Wall-E for the summer which was why Narnia didn't get that much.
Jim Hill recently wrote an article claiming that it is actually the Pixar movie Cars that is responsible for the small amount of Wall-E merchandise. It seems because Cars is still so extremely popular that the larger toy companies opted to go with Speed Racer as the big merchandising movie this year. Apparently buyers at large toy companies don't have much imagination. And then there is Indiana Jones, Iron Man, Hulk and Batman this season as well.
The merchandise that is available seems kind of lame to me but I guess its because it all looks the same. Not a lot of variety when you have a film that pretty much has only two characters. Thinkway Toys has an action figure line where each action figure pretty much looks about the same but each Wall-E has a different function.
I'd like a Wall-E snowglobe, please. One with a simple base that has Wall-E in the middle of a globe looking up at the snow above him.

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