Monday, June 16, 2008

Rare Toy Story Snowglobe

I've seen this Toy Story snowglobe on ebay a couple of times but a recently closed auction reveals that this Westland snowglobe was a Pixar employee gift which explains why we don't see it too often.
I tried posting this yesterday but was unable to post a picture with it due to technical problems. sorry for the delay.


Kayos said...

I have a Toy Story 2 globe that was apparently recalled as it played the wrong music .Its Woody stood in globe on top of record player with all characters around the side and you turn the globe to plasy ther music.Does the fact its been recalled put a higher price on it i don't want to sell but it would be nice to know i got a good deal.BTW still taking photo's of all my globes then i will upload to photobucket and send the link so you can get photo's of ones you may not have.


zapjones said...

Hi Kay. I'm looking forward to seeing your snowglobe pics. I have some info on the snowglobe you describe but it hasn't made it onto the snowglobe guide yet. The only info I have came from ebay. It was listed as playing "You've got a friend in me" I saw it sell once in 2007 for around $40, but in 2008 it sold in the $117-$168 range. Don't know if playing the incorrect song would change the value one way or the other. Probably not to much. It does seem to be a fairly rare snowglobe though and that may be indirectly caused by the mistake.