Monday, June 30, 2008

Disney Snowglobes Q & A

Linda writes in with the following:

"Hi, I bought my grand daughter a Tinkerbell snowglobe for christmas 2007. It got broke and I can't find another one anywhere. It was a purple flower pot. It had lite and dark purple flowers. Tink was sitting holding the flower stems and the flowers came out of the top of the globe. Was it a christmas special or maybe old inventory? There is no name or number on the bottom. I got it at the disney store in Sarasota, Fl."
Hi Linda, Thanks for writing. Is that your globe in the picture? My records show it was available at the Disney Store and it was available at at the beginning of the year but is no longer listed on the site. I don't think it was a special or closeout, its just that the Disney Store globes don't seem to stick around long. It may reappear, I have a picture of at least one color variation with a red pot and a pink and orange tulip instead of purple. Ebay is probably your best chance to replace it if that's what you want to do but there isn't one on there right now and I don't think I've seen one since they've no longer been available. I think it must have been made in a pretty small quantity. The stock number used on was S6447U0002.

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Anonymous said...

hi ,

i actually designed that globe along with the entire "tulips garden collection" that it came with. we ran the whole program originally with bright warm pinks , oranges etc. it did so well we released it in purple/cool colors . that was the second re-issue of that group. there are no plans to release it again ,but you never know. e-bay is your best bet since that program ran it's course a while back.