Monday, July 21, 2008

Disney Attraction Rumors

The news seems to be coming fast on the rumor mill lately. I mentioned the Little Mermaid ride a while back that should be going into the Magic Kingdom at WDW. Disneyland just announced the return of the Sleeping Beauty castle walkthrough in California (not a rumor). The rumor mill is now generating buzz about a Seven Dwarfs mine coaster as part of a redo for WDW's Magic Kingdom Fantasyland, a Monsters Inc coaster going into the Studios as part of a Pixar area expansion that might inclde a makeover of the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground and just to add my two cents to the mix.... imagineering has been showing up at the Tomorrowland arcade a lot lately. Once they were measuring the building and I overheard a cast member asking them what they were doing. "Just looking around" was the reply. Yeah right. Everybody just looks around with a tape measure. I've been told unofficially that the arcade will be closing in a couple of years and have heard everything from it being turned into a restaurant to the space mountain exit being reconfigured to dump people out further back in the building instead of dumping them right next to the exit doors to Space Mountain being completely torn down and rebuilt from scratch. The other day I overheard two imagineers talking. I only heard one sentence. It was before opening and the one guy had his arms spread out to indicate the arcade area stating something like it would be this big interactive experience. Hard to tell what's going to happen as plans change and get approved but there is definitely changes in the air.

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