Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Would You Wiki for me?


I've started a Disneyana Wiki and hope you will want to use it and even possibly contribute to it.

A Wiki is a website where the users can submit and publish information as well as edit the information that is allready present. Wikipedia is probably the best known.

Ever since I started working on my Disney Snowglobe book, I've been hoping that project could be used to springboard into some sort of website that would document different types of Disney collectibles with each item having its own page. I envisioned it working much like Pinpics.com works for pins except it would include everything Disney.

Obvious drawbacks to the idea were I don't know how to create a website and the costs involved for hosting such a site. This wiki seems to be the perfect solution and anyone and everyone can contribute.

There isn't much there yet and it will be slow going as I learn how to use the site and add things. All I've done so far is set the site up and create a few snowglobe pages using information from Disneyshopping.com. So there isn't much to see yet but now is the perfect time to jump in and learn what we can do and how to do it.

I hope the site will eventually grow to a huge size where you can look up every Disney thing you've ever seen.

A few tips for contributing:
  • There is only so much file storage space allowed so when creating a page please post the pictures somewhere else like Flickr or photobucket and link to them. They will still show up on the page being created.
  • Please don't create a page for an item without having a picture for identification purposes.
  • When creating a page for an item please check to see if a page allready exists for it, otherwise your page will just get deleted by me and all your work will be for nothing.
  • You can edit existing pages to add and change what is allready there. I currently have this open to everyone so please be careful your not putting up incorrect info. Comments should be left in the forum discussion for that page not on the page itself. Any malicious activity or inappropriate content will result in me changing the access so nobody but me and trusted volunteers would be able to create and add information. That would slow down the process considerably so please be nice.
  • If you want to help but cant quite figure out how to create pages yourself, use the forum to leave information and myself or other volunteers can create the pages for you.
  • Remember it is for everything Disney not just snowglobes.

This is not the end of the snowglobe book project and hopefully will be a means of me gathering information and usable pictures for it. For now, however, much of my focus will be going into the wiki.

So, any volunteers?


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