Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Nightmare Before Christmas snowglobes

Magikman writes in to provide the following information:

I am a collector of all Disney produced Nightmare Before Christmas snowglobes (none from NECA, etc.). I currently own 45 snowglobes (minis counted individually, bookends count as one). These include items from Disneyland, Disney Store,, Disney Auctions, Disney Store UK, and Disneyland Tokyo. If you are aware of more than 45 NBX snowglobes produced to date, please let me know so that I can follow up and determine the missing item(s).Anyway, I have three snowglobes from Disneyland Tokyo. All three were purchased from the same eBay seller, and occurred in three subsequent years. Each snowglobe ranged from $20-$30 on eBay, with another $30 or so for shipping. I regularly monitor eBay for snowglobes, and have yet to see these relisted after the year of release.The first snowglobe was from 2004 and featured a very basic design: The second snowglobe was from 2005 and was actually much smaller than the prior year's exclusive (hard to photograph). This is the only snowglobe to say "Tokyo Disneyland" on it; the others simply say Disney Store on the bottom: The third (and final?) snowglobe was from 2006 and was clearly the nicest of the three (the design matches a cookie jar released in the US): Here's a pic of all three for scale:
I continue to monitor the same seller, and there have been no Disney snowglobe exclusives listed since the one purchased in 2006. Your site was one of the few online resources I could locate for Disney snowglobes, so it's difficult to know if none were produced, or if the buyer simply lost a Disneyland contact.
Thanks Magik. I've never seen any of these globes before so I'm guessing they are pretty rare.

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