Friday, August 22, 2008

Disney Snowdome Cup-date: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

This new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse snowdome tumbler cup is now available at the Disney Stores and online. The picture I have of the old Mickey Mouse tumbler isn't very clear and I can't tell if this new one uses the same figure or not.

I'm assuming these sell pretty darn well since they keep coming out with more of them. One suggestion to the designers: Halloween and Christmas editions would make nice additions to the line.


Anonymous said...

hi are you sure that this i s acup which has been around for a while? coz at the moment the disney online do not have it and i was wondering whether another one will be out soon!!!

zapjones said...

I saw what I saw when I saw it!
When these cups were released the Disney Stores were being run by Children's Place and have since been taken back over by Disney. All the cups have now vanished from the website and I have no idea if they are still available in the stores or not.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't suggest buying any of these tumblers. I bought several for my daughter and found that the lids do not stay on at all. 1 small twist and you have juice [or whatever] all over the place!