Thursday, August 28, 2008


This new Mary Poppins snowglobe arrived on today.


Maurice said...

Do you know why some of the globes (this one also) cannot be shipped abroad... so we Europeans are not able to buy them?

zapjones said...

Not really. Are you saying some can be shipped and others cant? I suspect that this globe may be a broadway show globe based on the banner at the top of the page so there may be some restrictions due to that if that is indeed the case.

Nero2007 said...

It's true and a pity for people living outside the US, which is my case too. I try Ebay.
Not only the snowglobes related to Disney Broadway shows (the Lion King sg isn't shipped internationally, either), but any item sold at from Enesco, Lenox, Jim Shore and WDCC.
There must be something to do with the use of trademark or the rights to use the Disney name out of the US.
WDCC and some other items may be too expensive in case it breaks during the trip. There is no insurance coverage to some countries, like Brazil.

Lexy1224 said...

Could this be the same reason Disney Store UK does not ship to the US?