Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Sorry for not posting anything yesterday. I know a lot of you visit every day and I hate to not have at least something new for you to read or look at.

I don't post much about my work here, first because that's not what this blog is about and second if I posted the way I feel about things at work most of the time and someone at work found it and read it I would undoubtably be fired.

I enjoy what I do and I really enjoy working on the remote control boats, unfortunately I don't much like the people I do it for.

Giving me more work, shortening my hours and then wondering why everything is falling apart and/or not working when the geniuses who worked on my days off during the recent tropical storm thought it would be a good idea to leave the remote control boats working out in the weather, doesn't do a whole lot for my mood, attitude, etc.

Anyway, you guys probably dont care about that stuff and barely have any idea what I'm talking about so on to more pleasant things.

We should start seeing Halloween stuff creep into the stores, so you should be watching for Disney snowglobes. You never know where they might pop up. I'm expecting Walgreens will have some as they did last year.

Main Street in the Magic Kingdom had some fall decoration banners up today, the rest of the Halloween decor probably wont be far behind.

Haven't had a chance to peek in any of the shops lately, but will be going to Studios this week for fun and should have a chance to look for new globes then.

I had hoped to have a contest in september that would give the winner a Disney snowglobe but I'm afraid I will have to postpone it to some other month. Mostly because I'm just too tired to put the effort into it.

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