Tuesday, August 5, 2008

New Disneyland Paris Snowglobe Pics

Maurice, our Disneyland Paris correspondent sent me some pictures today from a one day trip. What a great guy! He only has one day and he still takes time to take pictures for us snowglobe fans. THANKS MAURICE!
We know some of these globes from Maurice's past report but the prices are more then what I had listed previously. Either myself or Maurice may have made a mistake but Maurice suggests, and I think he is correct, that Disney raised the prices.

Looks the vehicle series was popular enough to add some new globes.


Anonymous said...

MagikMan here...

Do you know if there is a service like Deliverears available for Disneyland Paris?

There's a little NBX snowglobe in the shots provided, and obviously I'm interested in acquiring it. I've started monitoring ebay in France, but often these things don't pop up.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



zapjones said...

Hi MagikMan, I know of no such service and even an internet search for Disneyland Paris Shopping Service has turned up nothing. Anybody out there who can help?

Maurice said...

@ MagikMan,

You can try the following e-mail

If it won't work, just let me know wich one you are interested in and perhaps I can provide it for you at my next visit to DLRP.

You can follow Ebay in France, but also try to follow Ebay in Germany and Spain. Ebay.de or Ebay.es. There you have also a good chance to find DLRP objects.


Maurice said...

Or try this link:


Fill in:
"Vente par correspondance:" your questions about the products sold in the shops in DLRP.

and write down your question (in English or your native language).