Friday, August 8, 2008

New Disney Snowglobes

The following 4 Disney snowglobes are now available on
The halloween one is fun and plays "Grim Grinning Ghosts"
The Band Concert looks like a great representation of one of the greatest Disney cartoons of all time. I've changed the Mouskavision sidebar videos to this cartoon for anyone who would like to view it. Keep in mind that the rumor is that this is what the orange stinger will be themed to at DCA.
The Cinderella wedding globe is a surprise because we missed it in our sneak peeks.
The Peter Pan Big Ben snowglobe is a recreation of one offered in 2004 in the Disney Catalog. Recreation might not be the right word to use for these globes that were offered just a few years ago. It's possible that they have been available right along, perhaps in the overseas parks.


Anonymous said...

They added the Cindy SW today because it wasnt there yesterday (Sneak Peek):)

zapjones said...

I like a surprise now and then. The Cindy globe turns out ot be a cleverly disguised recreation anyway. Details in tomorrow's post.