Saturday, August 15, 2009

D23 Expo Pins Announced

Disney has announced the pin lineup that has been created for the D23 Expo. Here are pics with my thoughts.

This is the only members exclusive pin listed. Really? Just one members only pin? I thought they wanted people to join the club. 9.95. edition size unknown.

This is the event logo pin. Should be the star t of a nice set unless they decide to use the same logo every year. 9.95. edition size unknown.

I like the Disney Legends pin. Again, it could be the beginning of a nice set if they start doing this every year. 11.95 limited edition of 500.

Here we have the event lanyard. Nicer then most but am I the only one who thinks event lanyards should come with a medal attached instead of a plastic pouch with a card inside. 11.95 edition size unknown. Should have been given free with any 4 day ticket.

Mystery Set. 2 pins per box. 16.95 a box. edition size unknown.

There are 4 Artist Choice pins. All 4 will be released on september 12th. 11.95 each. edition size is 1500 each.

Designed by Tyler Dumas, this 7 pin collection of Disney Destinations will sell for 9.95 each. Edition sizes are unknown. They will be released on september 11th.

One Man's Dream collection consists of 5 pins. 9.95 each. edition size is either 1000 or 1500. Disney has it listed as a 100 in one place and 1500 in another. These will be released on september 13th

Not many I'll want but that's a good thing because I'm going to be broke anyway. My favorites are definitely the Walt Disney collection. Surprised that this is all there is but maybe there will be more to come. There is no boxed set or jumbo pin listed and that is surprising. Seems like the event logo that can be seen on the lanyard card would have made a good jumbo or giant boxed pin. But like I said, there may be more to be announced and who knows if there will be any surprise pins that we won't know about ahead of time.

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