Thursday, August 20, 2009

Disney enrages Pin Collectors

This limited edition (LE125) was released at on Wednesday in the wee hours of the morning and promptly sold out with the website having difficulties at the same time. People were tearing their hair out trying to place orders.
Pin collectors who wanted the set are enraged that they were released on Wednesday instead of a normal monday offering so they didn't have a fair chance to score a set.
The original price was 149.95 and at least 5 sets have allready sold for 300 on ebay all by the same seller. The asking price on his current listings is 600.
Interesting that this set was so popular even though Disney characters on carousel horses has always been a popular concept. Disney regulary releases limited edition sets and they usually stick around for awhile before they sell out. Even long enough to be significantly reduced in price.

Many Pin collectors are asking/suggesting/demanding the return of Disney Auctions or instituting a limit on how many can be purchased. . I too would like to see Disney Auctions return but not as part of ebay. I think Disney should operate their own site and not only have stuff of their own to auction off but also let anybody use it just as anyone can use ebay. Only Disney items allowed of course.

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Anonymous said...

arrgh!! I need Ariel! and Disney Auctions back too! :)