Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Queen Snovari of Mini Globeland

MagicMan provided me with this link to a snowglobe collector in Asia who is in the Guinness Book of World Records for her collection of mini snowglobes. She has over 2000 and collects all types but a huge portion of her collection are Disney ones. There are quite a few Disney globes in her pictures that I was not aware of. She also has Peanuts, Garfield, Harry Potter and a large variety of other themes.

I will try to contact her to get permission to use some of her pictures but you should really go check her site out. She has grouped each snowglobe series together in many of the pics and that makes it nice to see what is in an entire series.


Anonymous said...

Good Lord!! I feel like a newbie :)


Queen Snovari said...

Hi there, This is Queen Snovari, my sister and my "snowglobe agent" found me on your website, thanks for your kind words. I love snowglobes, and I wish to collect so many snowglobes that one day, I can have a snowglobe museum. You can contact me at wendywysuen@hotmail.com if you need anything. I know you want to use some of my photos, sure, no problem. I can even take some for you for a particular disney set. I love disney snowglobes, they are the best. anyway, thanks again and keep in touch. Q. Snovari.

zapjones said...

Hello your majesty, as you probably allreasy know I've used some of your pics allready in a few guide entries to illustrate a series. Eventually I'll get to the ones on your site that I don't have any info on but right now I'm still slogging through hundreds of pics I've gathered off ebay. It will still be a few more months before I get through those. I never imagined what a huge monster of a project this was going to be when I started. Thanks for your help and if you see anything in the guide that can be improved on or corrected please let me know.