Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Prep and Landing Christmas Ornament will also have this ornament based on Prep and Landing, Pixar's new Christmas tv special.
slight correction: Although Prep and Landing was originally pirched as a Pixar short it appears that it will be released as a Disney production. So much for keeping the two studios seperate.


Anonymous said...

this was pitched and done by walt disney animation studios, not pixar

Anonymous said...

This project never had any connection to Pixar.

Bob G. said...

I managed to get one of THESE ornaments as soon as they came out. Seems they're a might difficult to find NOW.

Have to admit they're well-renedered, and the "flocking" (fuzzy green clothing) makes them all the more collectible.

I did get the 2010 ornament this year, and although it's a really good render, I still like that FIRST one that they had for a limited time (and it was cheaper, too).

Good post.

Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS (and watch out for the COAL ELVES)