Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Snowglobes in Europe

These 4 snowglobes became available on the Disney Store UK site today.
Cinerella and Tink are mini globes
The Stitch one appears to be the same as one allready in the collectors guide and I have seen it every so often on ebay but have no idea when it was first available. I say appears to be the same because the ones I've seen on ebay light up and the description on the UK site doesn't say anything about it. Also the description on the UK site suggests it has a blower and I had no previous knowledge of this globe having one. If it becomes available again here in the United States we will probably have a better description. The UK site never has very good descriptions for some reason.
The dalmations globe is cute but unusual. Puppies playing with a ball of yarn? I guess they want to be cats when they grow up.

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