Saturday, September 19, 2009

Disney Halloween at Walgreens

Stopped by Walgreens yesterday to check for this years crop of Disney halloween snowglobes and found last years snowglobes. Tigger and Pooh are the same globes as last year and Mickey and Minnie were nowhere to be found.

They did have these which are new. The tags say they are water globes but they are more of a lava lamp. They light up and the glitter never settles.

The other Disney halloween items were Mickey eared pumpkin treat or treat containers and a Mickey vampire set that had spikes on the end of each piece so they could be stuck in a pumpkin.
They also had these that might appeal to button collectors. Each is lenticular and costs $1.

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Madelena said...

Wow!! I love the collection of Disney character Halloween stuff... Best for the Halloween decoration!!