Saturday, September 5, 2009

New Disney Snowglobe Sneak Peeks

Velvet has provided with these sneak peeks of upcoming Disney Snowglobes at Jack is interesting. Seems it wasn't too long ago I mentioned it would be nice to see some figural snowglobes. Looks like the designers were way ahead of me. I love the Donald Duck figurine and it's nice to see Tink her new outfit.
MagicMan what do you think of Jack?

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I just bought the last one last night! Geez. I also picked up a couple of the little ones from the UK, those never seem to make it to the States. I grabbed the one I was missing a couple of weeks ago, so at the moment I think I've got all the globes I know of. (It looks like the "missing" Japan snowglobes aren't Disney.)

Anyway, I like the new one, it looks nice for a small globe. And, the variety is nice. Snowman Jack, not something we've had in a globe before. Now if they'd just do Pumpkin Jack...