Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fantasyland Expansion

The leaked blueprints were the real thing and depending on your point of view either your dreams or nightmares will come true. Everyone seems to agree that the Little Mermaid attraction is great and the Beauty and the Beast area will be interesting. They like the dueling Dumbo's and find the idea of a line that isn't a line attractive. Personally when I heard Jay say that you would play games while waiting for the ride and there wouldn't be a line my out loud comment was that there would then be a line for the line. Time will tell.
But who knew Princesses and Fairies could cause such debate amongst theme park fans. Some folks love the idea of a more personal and interactive meet and greet and others think its a waste of space. Personally, I think it's an interesting idea but can't see me going to any of the meet and greets but hey if it gets everybody out of line for the existing Fantasyland attractions so I can experience them once in awhile without waiting in long lines then I'm all for it. I also find it interesting that They allready have meet and greets for the princesses and fairies and are tearing it all down to build to what amounts to the same thing. Just better themed and presented. No matter what your point of view it will be better then more play areas. Here is some of the concept art. More can be found on the web if you look around.

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