Thursday, September 17, 2009

Disney's Hawaii Resort Model

Here are some pics I took of the model for the resort in hawaii. Also in the Resorts and Parks exhibit was something called The Storytellers Sandbox. My impression was that this will dbut at the Hawaiian resort but it could be adapted for all sorts of things in the parks and resorts around the world.
The sandbox is a waste high table with an edge and it is filled with sand. The storyteller has a stick/wand/pointer type of thing. The presentation started by asking people where they wanted to visit, Alaska, Hawaii, or Costa Rica. Our group chose Costa Rica and they had us make piles of sand which then turned into sea turtles via an overhead projection. Somehow the technology used allows the storyteller to point at a spot in the sand and that is where the video is projected. The effect is really cool. We made holes in the sand which the storyteller then touched to bury eggs in the holes and a few seconds later baby turtles crawled out of each hole and you could even pick them up which was a really cool effect but that's where the technology revealed its limitations because if you moved at all the projection was no longer on the sand in your hand. The group before us did hawaii and they went through a show that had them form a volcanic island that erupted and then cooled. The whole thing was much cooler then it sounds and I can think of lots of cool ways to use this technology. I hope to see it used soon.

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