Friday, October 9, 2009

2009 WDW Christmas Event Pins

Disney has revealed the pins that will be released for the various holiday celebrations at the Walt Disney World theme parks. We start off with The Osbourne Family's Spectacle of Dancing Lights at The Disney-Hollywood Studios....

Donald is the Annual Passholder pin and will be released on november 10th. Limited Edition of 2500. $11.95

Chip & Dale trying to reach the light switch are two pins sold together for 13.95. Limited Edition of 2000. To be released on november 10th.

Tinker Bell is my favorite of the three and will also be released on november 10th for $11.95. Listed as a limited release but no edition size mentioned.

Moving over to EPCOT, we have this year's Holidays Around The World celebration.

This cool spinner pin is actually a jumbo pin and will retail for 40.00. Limited to 500 and scheduled for release on november 27th.

Chip n Dale are this years Vacation Club exclusive and will be released on november 27th in an edition size of 750. Retails for 11.95.

Tink is the Annual Passholder exclusive. Limited to 2000 pins, she will be released on november 27th for 9.95.

Figment joins the Candlelight Procession in this pin limited to 3000 pieces. Release date is november 27th for 11.95.

The logo pin for this years event will be released on november 27th and retails for 9.95. No edition size listed.

and now, everyone's favorite... Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party! All the pins are listed as having november 10th release dates. Is that how they do it now? Used to be their were different pins issued for each nightly party and it was difficult at best to get the ones you wanted.

This is the completer pin for the framed set that is limited to 300. The set costs 200.00 and will be available on november 10th.

Goofy is 11.95 and limited to 2500.

The boxed set is 40.00 and limited to 500.

Donald and Daisy are the Annual Passholder exclusive. Retails ofr 11.95 and limited to 2500.

Chip n Dale are 11.95 and limited to 2000.

Tink is 11.95 and limited to 2000.

Stitch did you lick that gingerbread man?
But him taste soooo yummy!
Stitch is 11.95 and limited to 2500.

Pluto is 11.95 with an edition size of 3500.

Mickey and Minnie are 11.95 and limited to 3500.

The logo pin is 9.95 with no edition size listed.

The jumbo pin is 40.00 and limited to 500.

Not a bad assortment but I do wish they would stop using the same characters year after year. I wouldn't mind seeing a jumbo pin of the gathered duck family celebrating Christmas and would enjoy seeing some of the movie characters added to the mix. I think Figment is my favorite.

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