Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Disney refuses to price match its own stores

You may recall that Velvet discovered a price difference on the Little Mermaid 20th Anniversary snowglobe between and the physical Disney Stores. The snowglobe costs 114.50 online but only 89.50 in a Disney Store. A $25 difference!
Magicman read the previous item and since he had purchased the item online, called to try and get a refund. He was told "we don't price match other retailers"


Other retailers?

I've heard lots of horror stories of dealing with DisneyStore online and have had my own issues with them in the past but this has to be the tops in bad customer service.

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Anonymous said...

I was told that there would be a refund if it was lowered in price on the website within a certain window of my purchase, but this would take the form of a gift certificate to only.

All I can say is that the snowglobe better be immaculate. I often prefer to buy globes in person, as I have had some QA issues with globes. I have no interest in going through exchanges if I'm already being gouged on the price. One flaw that bugs me, and it's going back for good.


P.S. The worst issue I have had was the latest Roger Rabbit snowglobe, which had a horrible paint job on Benny the cab (very sloppy). And, to top it off, his "face" wasn't protected and rubbed against the styrofoam throughout packaging/shipping. I went through three globes and gave up. Too bad, it looked really nice.