Thursday, October 8, 2009

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Returns as a Villian

By now, especially lately, you've probably heard of the new game from Disney Interactive Studios called EPIC MICKEY. It will launch later this month and is exclusive for the Wii. The concept is that old forgotten black & white Disney characters have declared war on Mickey and his colorful empire.
Don't know if Oswald is the main villian or not, but it is being reported that he's the one spreading that black goo all over the place that Mickey must clean up using paint thinner, erasers etc. As you can see, the art for this game is incredible. If the game play lives up to the art, Disney will undoubtebly have a huge hit on their hands. And Disney being Disney will probably start issuing merchandise.
Poor Oswald, stolen, forgotten, bought and sold. No wonder he's disgruntled. I know a lot of theme park cast members who can relate.

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