Thursday, October 1, 2009

Nightmareish Snowglobe News

The Snowman Jack figural snowglobe that debuted yesterday at is listed as not available. I did not notice at the time I saw it if it was available or not but it is still listed as not available today. Mistake? Sold out? Did anybody get one?

Meanwhile, NECA has released these two new snowglobes and the last one is a mini that I found at EPCOT yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Doh! I thought I was done with NBX globes for the year. Do you know if the Epcot mini is available at all stores? I am on a job in LA, and could make my way to Disneyland, but it could be a gamble.

Drop me a note if you're willing to pick up a couple of these and mail 'em my way.


zapjones said...

Hey Magik,
no problem. I sent you an email.