Sunday, May 27, 2007

Disney snowglobe - Animal Kingdom

Going through some of my 1998 Disney catalogs today, I came across this snowglobe and I have a question. If anyone reading this owns this globe, please leave an answer. The catalog description does not list that this globe has music. Ordinarily I assume that means it does not have music, but the base of this one revolves. Did they really build a snowglobe with movement but without music? I find that unlikely. It's more likely that they didn't know when they were writing the description what it was going to play. However, I need to know for sure for my book. And while your at it, what kind of "snow" does it have in it? Thanks for any info you can provide.


george said...

I just purchasesd this snoglobe at a tag sale for 3$--it plays can you feel teh love tonight and the snow is glitter!

zapjones said...

Thanks George.