Monday, May 14, 2007

Disney Snowglobes at WDW

Pooh Goes Pirate

It appears that Pirate mania has even invaded the Hundred Acre Wood. Pooh & his pals play pirate using an old bathtub as a ship. Retails for $65.00 at WDW. All the bees on this snowglobe are on springs so they bobble. It has the blower feature to keep the glitter moving inside the globe and when wound Roo rocks back and forth on the log. Plays "Winnie the Pooh" which was the only disappointment. Almost all the Pooh globes play "Winnie the Pooh". It would have been fun if it played a pirate song.

Cinderella Castle

This is the current version of the Cinderella Castle snowglobe at Walt Disney World. The green/blue specks you see is the actual color of the glitter. The glitter is very small and there is a lot of it, when shaken it really does give the globe a fascinating cascade of color swirling around the castle. If I remember correctly it was $45.00 and it did play music.

Tinker Bell Goes Large

When I was seeing this one on ebay, I always thought it was a miniature. It is done in a style that is similar to many of the mini's from the Disney Store. It is a fairly large figurine, though.

Unfortunately, I dont' recall any details about it. According to ebay listings it is musical and its retail price is $45.00.

Mickey and the Four Parks

The opposite happened with this one, when I saw it selling on ebay for well over $100, I assumed it was a large deluxe globe. I don't recall what it sells for but I'm guessing around $45.00. The icons outside of the globe sucha s the monorail and Minnie's safari hat are all on bobble springs.

I realize I'm being a little sketchy on the details, I will get better as time goes on. I'm going to need pictures of all Disney snowglobes for my book as well as accurate measurements and details. I'm hoping that if I can develop a decent size readership of this blog, I will be able to find people who want the globes and I can then go and buy them for them, take pics, measurements and notes of the details and then send it on to the person who I bought it for at cost. If you see something you are interested in but don't want to get ripped off on ebay, let me know at

ebay tip
By the way, when I was looking at ebay auctions I realized that the people overpaying were the ones using the buy it now feature. So my ebay tip for the day is dont use buy it now unless you know what the actual price of the item is in the store. Personally, I've decided to stop using ebay as my first auction choice and intend on checking first. It's an auction site that is similar to ebay. Not a lot of action on there yet but it is new and over time it looks like it will grow. If I do get to the point I'm buying snowglobes that is probably where I will be reselling them at.

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