Friday, May 18, 2007

Pixar Mini's

Both of these Pixar globes, one from Finding Nemo and one from the Incredibles are $15 at The Disney-MGM Studios which rumor has it may someday soon be rechristened Disney-Pixar Studios. These are mini's but not quite as small as the $12 globes mentioned in another post today.

Hmmm. Maybe I should start a mini globe of the month club. For $20 a month I'll send you a mini globe from WDW postage paid. That way I can get the pictures I need for my book. Anybody want to join?

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debsplace9 said...

I have a set of 12 Winnie the pooh snowglobes. There is one for each month plus a wooden cabinet. I am thinking about selling the set but can't find any listing on any pricelist or collector guide. Can anyone give me information on this? please email me at