Saturday, May 19, 2007

Most Valuable Disney Snowglobe

Well, I want to try and post something every day, so I thought I'd talk about what appears to be the most valuable Disney snowglobe. As you learned from earlier posts, I spent a month or two tracking ebay auctions for every disney snowglobe before starting this blog. It was a learning experience and one of the things I learned was that the most valuable Disney snowglobe is a Mary Poppins one that is sort of a recreation of the one used in the movie. It plays "Feed the Birds" and inside the globe is St Paul's Cathedral. Instead of snow it has little bird shapes. On the bottom is information that could be misinterpreted that it was released at the world premiere of the movie but it actually was released in the Disney Catalog a few years back. The first 2 or 3 I saw sell were in the 500-650 range and I thought wow, what the heck is so special about this globe. I remember my Mom wanting to get it in the catalog but I talked her out of it because it didn't have any characters. Oops. Sorry Mom. The next time one of these globes came up for auction it resulted in a bidding war and sold for over 1200. About a week later one sold for around 350 and I haven't seen another one listed. There aren't very many Mary Poppins snowglobes but all of them seem to be capable of going up in value rather then going down. I think because the bidders see what this particular one sells for. Sorry I cant find a picture to link to and I haven't gotten far enough in my catalog scanning to have gotten to this globe yet. Anyway, if you see this globe at anything less then 100-150, grab it. It's a bargain.

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