Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Pins I Purchased - #2 in a never ending series

I visited Downtown Disney and the Disney-MGM Studios today so that I could buy more pins for the Dizpins Ohana.

The Pirates t-shirt is the latest in the Disney Clothiers series. It is a jumbo and costs $25. A limited edition of 500. The hanger is magnetic and removable. What do i think of this series? As pins they would make pretty cool Christmas ornaments.

The new annual passholder pin is a nice looking creation with Mickey standing in front of the castle as fireworks go off overhead. It is available to Annual passholders only and is a limited edition of 6000. $12.95.

These 3 pins are the promotional pins you can get for $1 each. You can get one for every $35 you spend.

Tinker Bell and If You Had Wings continues the expensive but very nice looking Remember When series. I think we used to go on this ride just about every visit for the same reason we go on Peoplemover (sorry Tomorrowland Transit Authority)... NO LINE!!! Limited to 750 pins at $15 each.

And today's best dressed pin award goes to Figment and his Journey Into Imagination pin. The best looking pin in the Remember When series so far. Congratulations to whoever designed it. Hey, remember when this was the most charming ride at EPCOT instead of the pile of $#%@* it is today? Lets hope the rumors are true and Tony Baxter is hard at work on a suitable replacement. I had to get seven of these for the Ohana, despite the price it is going to be a very popular pin.

Tune in next time for another exciting episode of Pins I Purchased.

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