Monday, May 14, 2007

Pins I Purchased Today - #1 in a never ending series.

I stopped by Epcot today and purchased a couple pins for the Ohana. If you know me from (simply the world's best Disney pin site) then you are probably aware that I regulary pick up pins for other members of the boards. I originally intended to not discuss pins too much here since Dizpins and Pinpics do such a great job, but I got to thinking that since the majority of pins that I buy are for other people, some folks might enjoy seeing what others are getting. The large Epcot pin is this years Flower & Garden Festival jumbo pin and retails for $25.00. It is a limited edition of 750.

The Chip n Dale pin has everyone's favorite chipmunks swabbing the deck while dressed as pirates. It is one in a series and is also a limited edition.

If anyone wants more info, the two above mentioned sites are the best places in the world to find out about them or any other Disney pins.

Tomorrow, I'll start posting some of the pics I took of snowglobes currently available at WDW.

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