Sunday, January 27, 2008

Buyer Beware

I've taken this picture from a closed ebay auction. This globe sold for 194.97 which is the current high amongst the closed auctions that actually sold. This post was going to be about some globes that have recently sold for over $100 but notice how the top of the snowglobe is cut off in the picture.
It's been my experience that anyone who does this is trying to hide the fact that the finial is missing or a huge air bubble. In this case, it seems the finial is probably missing since in the description the seller only mentions 2 of the duck nephews and the third is the finial.

Also beware of blurry pictures. Chances are anyone selling something on ebay has a digital camera and its almost hard to take a bad picture with one. If the picture is blurry, there's most likely a reason for it.

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Nero2007 said...

My Mickey "with the Mups" (check the previous post) had a picture taken from it in front of a window. Clear pic, I could see it almost perfectly, just not close enough to show the very small lumps. Seller must have included that in the description.
Another snowglobe bought at Ebay has the blower not working. It was not mentioned in the description. That seller told me she "didn't know" there was a blower. Anyway, what I've learned from these experiences is that, besides all Zapjones suggested, you must verify at Ebay or another site all the details of the snowglobe you want to purchase: finial, blower, lights, the not visible parts, and in case they are not mentioned in the item description, check with the seller before buying it.
Thanks for your advice.