Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Whats Missing From This Picture?

This is a picture of the new gift shop that was constructed on the 4th floor of the Contemporary Resort at Walt Disney World. It's not to my taste, mostly because I don't feel it fits in with the charm and elegance of the rest of the resort. It blocks the view of the monorail as it glides through and I guess some people just cant stand to see an empty space without deciding to put a gift shop in.
Anyway, this was opened shortly before Christmas and I just took this picture last week. Can you tell what is missing? I walked past it for a few weeks after it opened before it dawned on me that it has no doors. I asked someone I know who works next door to the shop how they close it at night and he started laughing. It seems the company hired to construct the shop forgot it needed doors. The story has now changed to the company creating the doors didn't have them ready in time but the first story I heard was they forgot. Every night they drag that cute little fence acroos the entrance and a security guard has to stay inside the shop all night until the staff comes in the next morning.

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