Saturday, January 12, 2008

Everything old is new again has added 3 more to their selection of Disney snowglobes.

The first is this Sleeping Beauty snowglobe that was available in the Disney Catalog from 1997 to 2000. It appears to be exactly the same globe with only one change...the price! The original release was priced at $95 and the current release is 79.50.

Behind door number 2 is our pal Pooh Bear. This globe has been available on the Enesco site for a few weeks and it states there that it was first released in 2006. Now you can buy it on DisneyShopping as well. It costs $45 on both sites. Oh and its made out of porcelain which is kind of rare but not unheard of.

Last but not least are the Classics vs New animated feature bookends that have been available at the Disney Stores. I'm not sure when these first came out and they were not at my local Disney Store when I went a few weeks ago but they have been regularly appearing on ebay for months. They cost 99.50 for the set. Not sure if Disney Store sells them as a set or individually. I've seen them both ways on ebay.


Juan Ortiz said...

The bookends were concepted by me and designed by Steve Thompson back in 2005. Back then they were sold separately but the new version has them both sold together, which I think is great. This new version is painted by Jody Daily.


Nero2007 said...

These bookends have small differences from the ones on Ebay, which I noticed: Stitch and Cheshare cat on top.

zapjones said...

Thanks Juan. You and Steve and Jody certainly create some wonderful things. I've compared pictures of the new and old versions and it seems at least one way to tell the difference is the way the dalmation puppy is painted. It's hard to tell just from pics but it looks like on the old version the pup has black ears and the new version has white ears with black spots. Also found that in the old version Ariel has some glitter in her tail, new version does not. Old version Pooh is holding a blank page. New version page has a drawing on it. Hey! This is fun! It also appears to besome big differences in the tones used but that's always hard to judge from photos.

nero2007 said...

It's a fun game!
I liked that.
I also found there was something different comparing the versions but I thought I was see too much...

Juan Ortiz said...

You're right, the photos do not show the differences well. The painting on the new set is really a major change. They look more like collectible items than giant PVC figures, thanks to Jody. Steve and I were never happy with the painting on the first version. Back then we had to rely on the factory for the paint-masters. The result always made the globes look like toys, especially when you have so many characters like on this one. Jody had to create a harmonious rhythm between all the character so that they wouldn't clash with each other. The result is more pleasing on the eyes.