Monday, January 14, 2008

Is this Disney snowglobe rare?

While scanning catalog pages last week, I found this Snow White snowglobe that was created for the 65th Anniversary of the film and uses the original 1937 movie poster art as its inspiration. It looks like its a very nice globe but what astonished me was that I have never seen it on ebay. I've been following the auctions since before I started this blog back in may and have preliminary information on over 2000 snowglobes. 64 of those are Snow White ones not counting Princess ones or group ones that have Snow White on them or Christmas ones. So is this globe really rare or is it so special that nobody wants to part with it?

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Juan Ortiz said...

This is another beautiful creation by Kevin and Jody for the Disney Catalog. My guess is, no one would want to part with it. I know I wouldn't.