Saturday, January 26, 2008

Exclusive Limited Edition Confusion

These wonderful Disney snowglobes are now appearing on Both are listed as having been created exclusively for Disney Store Europe. Ummmm. Then what the heck are they doing on The Bedknobs and Broomsticks (must have it, might not be able to wait for a sale on this one) globe is listed as a limited edition of 600. I do not have a UK listing to compare it to but the Hunchback snowglobe is listed as a limited edition of 750 and the UK website says it is limited to 2000. Ummmm. What the heck? Limited edition sizes and exclusives and so forth don't mean a lot to me. I buy what I like and I like what I buy, but it would be nice to know just what the facts are.

While writing this post, I decided to email guest services at and was checking the UK site to make sure I had my facts straight. Turns out the UK listing states there are no more then 2000 made and after it being on the UK site for a number of weeks now you can still purchase one that has the number between 19 and 50. Guess maybe they aren't selling too well over there which explains why they are being made available here and the reduction in edition size.
And just so you know, I decided to buy the Bedknobs and Broomsticks snowglobe instead of taking a chance on missing out. There is a 15% off new arrivals code and I got 2 which put my total over $75 so I get free shipping with my Disney Visa. I figure there's a good chance this will be the only B&B globe ever produced.


juan said...

It gets more confusing... when it was announced that Disney Store would have an online business, no one, at least on my level, knew that we would be sharing the same web site. I understand maybe being linked from Disneyshopping, but to be mixed in together is a bit much. But just to clear things up, Disneyshopping and Disney Stores have there own snow globes, separate from each other. I guess the easy way to tell if you are looking at a Disney Store snow globe, is by the red web page.

Nero2007 said...

A couple of days ago I went online shopping and bought the 101 dalmatians and the bookends snowglobe. The next day they were both 15% cheaper. Although I have already spent some money, I've decided to buy 2 of the LE snowglobes: Snow White and B&B. I'd like to purchase the Hunchback one too, but I would spend too much money. Regardless of how many they are, they will disappear from the site very soon. My guess is that not only they will be very shortly available, but they will be sold for at least 3 times the price in a couple of months, just like the Fox and Hound and Song of the South snowglobes.

zapjones said...

That's why I bought 2 of the B&B ones to keep and one hoping that the value skyrockets. If nothing else, its a good bet that I can at the very least get my money back on it.