Thursday, January 17, 2008

Walt DIsney Classics Collection

One popular line of Disney collectibles that I don't mention much is the Walt Disney Classics Collection. I own quite a few individual pieces and only 2 complete sets but I love them all and would probably buy one of everything if i could afford it. Anyway, the point I was going to make is that I don't talk about them here much because this guy does a much better job then I could ever hope to. As you may have noticed, I'm very particular about what sites I link to in my favorite links sidebar. The sites have to be updated regularly and focus on some sort of Disneyana merchandise. Somehow, despite the fact that I've been a regular to this site for a long time, I never added this site to my list. I am correcting that unfortunate oversight right now. The link above will take you to his blog and this link will take you to his website. Enjoy.

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