Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Disneyland Paris snowglobes

I was wondering what to post today and came across this wonderful set of globes while going through the closed auctions on ebay. They are from Disneyland Paris and represent floats from the 15th anniversay parade. I've come across a couple of these prior to this but didn't realize they were part of a set from the Paris theme park.

If anyone has these or has seen them in person, I would appreciate any information you would care to share. I especially need to know if they have any backstamps or plaques or signage identifying them as being from Disneyland Paris.

I've added some vids of the actual parade to the Mouskavision sidebar. These floats are incredible.


Soam said...

I've got the Jungle book/lion king snowglobe from disneyland paris. If there's anything you want to know just ask and i'll try my best. Thanks

zapjones said...

Hi and thanks. Mainly what I want to know is if there is anything on the globe itself that shows it is from Disneyland Paris. If you had this globe in your hand and didn't know where it was from, is there a backstamp or plaque or anything identifying it as coming from Disneyland Paris? Also, as long as your looking... Is it musical?, How tall is it? Any special features? Lights? Blower? Movement? Any information would be helpful. The ebay auctions weren't that descriptive. Thanks.

Soam said...

Hi again. The snowglobe is 8.5 inches approx. There is a symbol on the underside of the snowglobe that commemorates the 15th Anniversary of Disneyland Paris aswell as the 'official Disneyland merchandise logo'. It is musical and plays the famous song 'Bare necessities'. Also the figures of Baloo and Mowgli rotate inside the globe as the music is playing. I can take some pictures if you like, just give me your email and i'll get them to you when i can. Thanks, Soam

zapjones said...

Thanks. You've provided exactly the information I needed. If you or anyone else would like to send pics they would be most welcome. is the place to send them.

Maurice said...


I'm missing one in this collection of the 15th anniversary DLRP-snowglobes. It's not a SG from the parade, but it fits (and belongs) in the collection.

With kind regards,