Friday, April 4, 2008

Attn: Maurice

The email you sent me via the comments section keeps bouncing back so I'm posting my reply here in hopes that you will see it.

Hi Maurice,thanks for the willingness to help out. My knowledgeof curently what is available anywhere except at Walt Disney World is nothing. If you can, I'd like a picture of every globe you see even if it is available elsewhere or has been available for awhile doesn't mean I've seen it before or realized it was available there.
My book entry for each individual globe will have information on special features like lights and movement, what music it plays, how tall it is, what kind of "snow" it has, original price and what years it was available as well as a brief description of the globe itself.
Best case scenario would be if you could provide information along those lines but I don't actually expect you to do that. You will be on vacation, after all, not at work. I'll settle for a picture and a brief description that can be used in blog posts. Thanks for your help and enjoy your trip. I'll be looking forward to your report.

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Soam said...

Hi just out of interest there is a site with many old snowglobes that you may already know of, it's and contains quite a lot of old retired snowglobes with a brief description. Thanks