Tuesday, April 8, 2008

New England Collectors Society

I'm curently looking for information on the New England Collectors Society. I am aware that they produced 2 series of limited edition snowglobes that were available through some sort of mail order subscription. The first series were of various characters and show up on ebay on a regular basis. A slightly rarer series seems to be a monthly holiday series. The above picture was taken from a recently closed ebay auction that indicates there was more snowglobes produced then just those 2 series. I am also aware of a Mickey on a carousel horse snowglobe that they produced.
Research on the internet has revealed very little additional information. They apparently produced other collectibles besides snowglobes. I've found spoons and figures that may be salt and pepper shakers. It appears that they also produced items using the Looney Tunes characters.
The claim is that this company created the first Disney snowglobes designed for collectors and the first limited editions.
If anyone has any further information about this company, such as when they ceased operations and what other types of items they produced, please share it by leaving a comment.


Anonymous said...

The Society was in business in the 1980's but I do not know for how long. I have the complete collection of Silver Plated Disney Bells and Spoons with wooden display racks.They were sold on a monthly schedule somewhat like a book club for approx. $25.00 each.
I do not know anything about the Snow Globe.

Anonymous said...

I collected the Disney spoons and have a total of 24 of them. However, I only seem to have a spoon rack that holds 12. Does anyone know what the racks that were made for these spoons looks like? The one I have is 2 pieces each holding 6, dark wood with a mirror back. These have been packed away for many years and I cant remember which rack belongs to these spoons.