Saturday, April 5, 2008

Mr Christmas

In the mail today, I recieved an auction win of a 1999 Snow White snowglobe that was manufactured by a company called Mr Christmas. I've occasionally seen ebay listings for snowglobes by them but this is the first time I've seen one in person. The globe plays 25 different songs and works with an ac adapter. It has a blower feature that I find is the most enjoyable feature. There is enough snow in this globe to create a raging snowstorm so bad that you can barely see the figures inside. The interesting part is that the blower only goes for a short time at the beginning of each song so that there is a pause between storms allowing you to see the scene inside before it starts blowing again. The snowglobe also has a volume control so you can set the sound level where you want. If you turn the volume all the way down the music cant be heard the blower still works so you can have the snowglobe blowing without the music. Basically the snowglobe "shakes" itself as it sits on display. A really cool feature I've never seen before. I like this much better then the blower always being on.
Mr Christmas has a website but I don't see anything Disney so I guess they don't make Disney snowglobes anymore.

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