Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Tokyo Toy Story

There is a huge gap in my knowledge of Disney snowglobes when it comes to Tokyo Disneyland. I have information on over 2100 Disney snowglobes and until recently had none that I could identify as coming from Tokyo Disneyland. The above photograph, provided by Hank Millett, is the only one that I currently know came from the Tokyo parks. It is identified as being from the parks on the bottom. Anybody know of other Tokyo globes?


Daniel said...

I collect Nightmare Before Christmas snowglobes produced by Disney, and currently own all that I know of. Two of my collection are from Tokyo Disneyland.

Both snowglobes are small, and were acquired on eBay via the same seller over two years (for 2005 and 2006 if I recall).

I am traveling now, but could provide pictures and details upon my return home if desired.

zapjones said...

That would be great Daniel. Thanks a lot. When your ready, just post another comment with your email address. Your comment will not be published because it has to be approved by me before it is made public. This way, I can send you my email address of where to send the pictures without revealing our emails to the spamming community.