Sunday, April 27, 2008

Disneyland Paris Report part 4

The 4th and final installment of our Disneyland Paris report. Thanks again to Maurice for all he did.

Jack Skellington is part of a 7 globe series that I remember being available online here in the states. It's been awhile since it was available here but it can still be obtained in Paris for 50 euros.
I saw one of these Little Mermaid globes sell on ebay in 2007 but really have no other info. It costs 12.90 euros.
Again, I saw it on ebay in 2007 but had no information until now. 6.90 euros.
I knew of 81 different Little Mermaid snowglobes. Now I know of 82. 6.90 euros.
Never saw this one either. Design obviously copied from the first Snow White Disney Catalog snowglobe but the figure and house are different. And also the price of 6.90 euros reveals it is a miniature snowglobe.
Never saw this Cinderella one before. 6.90 euros.
This group ship snowglobe I've seen on ebay several times. I know it has a blower and plays "A Whole New World". 75 euros.
Never saw this Minnie Mouse snowglobe before. 29.90 euros.
And that concludes our first tour of Disneyland Paris snowglobes.
Interesting that so many are ones that used to be available here is the USA and yet they also seem to have ones that are exclusive. There were more that Maurice didn't have time to take pictures of. Hopefully he'll get the chance to photograph them next time.


Carmela said...

Hi, I'm hoping you can assist me. I have two Nightmare before Christmas mini snowglobes. One of Sally and one of Jack, I bought them from the Disney Store while I worked for ABC television here in NYC a while back (at least 5 years ago). The problem, I would like to sell them but have no info on them. The bottoms only has " © Touchstone Pictures"
Would you be willing to help me find more info about them as I cannot find anything yet on the internet but new mini globes.
Thanks ahead of time! Have a great day!

zapjones said...

Hi Carmella,
please see today's (7/26/08) post for a response.