Monday, April 28, 2008

Disney Cruise Ship Visit

I've never been on a Disney Cruise but I have been on both the Magic and the Wonder many many times because I used to take care of the game arcades. I had to go onboard the Magic this past saturday and it is the first time I've been on either ship in several years. Unfortunately everything is closed while I'm on board so I can't check the gift shop for snowglobes.

The reason a team of us went out this week instead of just the regular guy who usually takes care of the games now was to straighten out some of the wiring that runs behind the games and get rid of the tangled balls of cable they had become. We had to pull the games out from the wall so we could get behind them and at some point I came out from behind them with this stuck in the bottom of my shoe.

Limited Edition pin of only 500.
Then just as we were getting ready to leave I stepped on something in the middle of the room and it was a rubber pinback.
I guess four-leaf clovers really are lucky.
As you probably guessed, I have no snowglobe news today. I've finished posting my pictures of the Block Party Bash on my photo blog. 54 pictures in all.

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