Sunday, April 20, 2008

My recent purchase

A bad picture of 3 very nice Disney snowglobes. I recently purchased these three from a collector wanting to downsize their collection because like the rest of us they are out of room. They didn't want to sell them on ebay because they felt they would have to practically give them away. I tried assuring them that would not be the case with these three but was ignored. I paid $140 for all three and I think I got a good deal.
On the bottom of the Mickey Mouse Club is a space for an on/off switch that is not there. The actual on/off switch is on the side of one of the scenes. I only mention it so if you buy one second hand you dont freak out and think the on/off switch is missing. Like I did.
And in case your wondering that thing in the back right of the picture is a cookie jar.

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Nero2007 said...

You're lucky! These are kind of rare snowglobes to find at Ebay and the price was very attractive!!! They also seem to be in perfect conditions!!!